Only The Strong Survive


Only The Strong Survive is one bizarre flick. It opens with a cruise ship floating in a sea of ice and snow and goes on to tell a story which is virtually incomprehensible. The lame premise goes something like this; Ron Jeremy, Buddy Love and Jon Dough (when he was still called Chad Sanders) are married to Bella Donna, Brandy Alexandre and Lorelei. The hubbies have grown delinquent in their lovemaking duties, choosing rather, to spend their time playing poker. After receiving a sexy lingerie show from Samantha Strong, the girls come up with a scheme to have Samantha put on a show for them within earshot of the boys. They hope to distract their hubbies from their poker game long enough to get laid… or something like that. The film starts with Sam sort-of modeling some lingerie for the three horny wives. Jon, Ron and Buddy peer from the cover of the stairs as Sam talks to the ladies. The boys get horny and mad sex quickly ensues. From that point, it becomes a solid wall to waller with very little build up and very little by way of story. Don’t try to figure out who is married to whom because everybody gets a turn at just about everybody else.