The Bordello Girls


First up is Bordello Girls, a frothy tale about Jennifer, a wistful cathouse madam, who’s visited by her fondly remembered ex-pimp, Steve. Now a hotshot producer of 35mm pornos. Steve has come to cajole Jennifer into making celluloid stars of her stable of hookers. But since great minds think alike, Jean has already been shooting 16mm loops of her employees in action. A duel of smut loops ensues as they proceed to compare their wares. Steve’s boasts notwithstanding, his loops are indistinguishable from Jennifer’s -both have dubbed soundtracks, surreal closeups of love tools spurting life-giving fluid, and enough unruly genital hair to make you feel like ‘Frank Buck on Jungle Trails.’ Porno luminaries DARBY LLOYD RAINS and JOHN LESLIE do early turns here and are easily the most enthusiastic of the stag reel schtuppers. Steve’s final film somehow manages to win Jennifer over and they engage in an Auld Lang Syne bout of posterior intimacy. Director Pierre Duvall gets so Up Close and Personal that Ms. Duache’s dilated, semen-soaked sphincter actually seems a ringer for The Crawling Eye.